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Chester's Home for Professional Kenneling & Boarding Services

At Sherry’s Pampered Pet Parlor & Lodge, we are committed to provided your animals with a nice, friendly, happy setting. We have purposefully designed an ideal environment for your pets to thrive. Providing comfort, security, and lots of attention for your pets is what we do best!

Pet Pig

We Cater to Their Needs

We offer a truly comprehensive service. We have extensive experience with boarding dogs, cats, birds, and more. We keep your pets happy with food and treats supplied during the stay, as well as regular play times, and our canine boarders receive scheduled potty periods to make sure all needs are met. We cater to fur babies that need medication or special care, as well as older pets. Pets must have all vaccinations and flea treatment before boarding. 

Pictures of Your Pets!

Are you worried about missing your pet? Are you one of those people who want constant updates about your loved ones when you’re out of town? Now you won’t have to miss out! While you’re away, we send photos of your pet to your cellphone to assure you your fur child is safe and happy with us. It will be like you never left!

Meticulous Work

We use all the latest technologies and techniques when it comes to taking care of your pets. In all reality, kenneling and boarding services is a complete science. All our work is meticulously prepared and thoroughly researched. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and thoroughness!

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