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Sherry's Pampered Pet Parlor & Lodge, LLC

Welcome to Sherry's Pampered Pet Parlor & Lodge


Petie loves his massaging bath


welcome ...

Welcome to Sherry's Pampered Pet Parlor & Lodge

Thank you for visiting our website  .... 

 Our website is now dedicated to our Precious Fur Angel

Laci Rose Hill  06/18/2003 - 01/07/2014

Waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge 

Celebrating her 10th Birthday

Our precious Laci Rose

Pets bring so much happiness into our lives


Hello, My name is Sherry
Our business is dedicated to our family of customers

Come take a look inside...



Sophie says help! The elf is picking on me

Miss Laurie with her baby Harry

Daisy Mae Just chilling

Sue Bolware with her little man Oscar
Girls just want to have fun

Bella Oliver Young
AAAWWW Ma.. what trick you playing on me now?

Our Tyler Jay with EmmyLou
Come on big boy.. Let me have the toy.. My turn

Our sweet EmmyLou
Enjoying the pool

Our Tyler Jay with Brandi D
Can we take these dumb hats off now?

Our Tyler Jay as a baby
Come on Ma take this ugly sweater off of me now

Darlene Kennedy Wagner with her new baby
with her new baby Broxon


My grandson Andrew & EmmyLou
All tuckered out from swimming

EmmyLou says please tell Mom to get this off of me
I'm a Frenchie not a lady bug

Sophie taking a nap
Victoria Lanman's baby

baby EmmyLou
What am I suppose to do with this thing???

Molly loves her car rides
Jessica Skinner's baby

Sweet Rocky
Julie Varnador's sweet man

Precious little Trixie
Penny Davenport's sweet baby

Tractor Supply event

Our son Travis - with his girl Gemma
Gemma loves to watch YouTube with him

Miss Bobbie with a pooch in her pocket
Her new baby Bella

Samatha's first driving lesson
Jack & Brenda Cabry's baby

Mickey is having a moment with Elsa !
Jack & Brenda Cabry's baby

Our new baby Priscilla GraceLyn
She says Mama is her servant and she is a princess

Sir Noodles being the king
Jack & JoAnn McGillis sweet baby

Our sweet Hosea Lemor
All cozy in his pjs

Me with extentions in my hair
With my precious Gabriella - We look alike

My son Eric with Cierra Neveah
Pool Time fun

Lady Laws is all smiles
Gina Laws baby

Dallas All pretty for her Mommy
Haley Sander's sweet girl

Mrs. Faye Farmer with her sweet Coco

Julie McCormick's sweet girls
Daisy & Lucy

Abby loving her bath

Austin and Lady Godiva

Angela Nichole showing her ugly face

Miss Bobbie with her Abby

Bo came from our Chester Shelter -
We found him a new home- Adopted by Nelli Nevels

Princess Debbie Kissamor's baby girl

Cody is all smiles
Getting all pretty for his Mama

Our stainless steel tub with easy walk up ramp

3 professional groomers
Our hydrolic grooming tables for ease for big dogs

Big Dog Lodge

small dog lodge

Our cozy kitty lodge

Carolina & Clemson Bows
Let your furbaby show your team spirit

Barbara & Brodie McKay

Gabriella Maria Hill
She loves getting all pretty


Our Granddaughter Ally
Keeping everything nice and clean

Our sweet EmmyLou
Come on Ma.. I don't want to be a ladybug

Hello, and Welcome to our website... 
 We pride ourselves in  providing only the very best care for your precious furr babies and purr babies..  Thank you for allowing us to provide all your pet Grooming and Boarding needs .. We welcome you to our family of pet lovers...
We hope you enjoy your experience in viewing our content and photos.. Please feel free to email any pictures of your babies you would like for us to add to our site.. sherryspetparlor@yahoo.com

Sherry's Pampered Pet Parlor & Lodge

 Introducing: Carolina Twist (Handmade jewelry) By Kayla Mosley .. can be seen on facebook

Have something you would like special? Would you like to place an order and have it delivered? Call Kayla 803-899-2534 


If you dream it up
Miss Kayla can fix you up






My name is Emmylou
I came from Hays, NC

My name is Urijah Christopher Hill

My name is Priscilla GraceLyn
Mama & Daddy drove all the way to Memphis Tenn to get me

Angelina Nichole Hill & Carolina McBrayer
Our Carolina Girls

Tyler Jay Hill

My husband Billy with Katie Souza
Just a lap puppy

Please go to our "About Us" page , "Location" page and our "Services" page for more information and photos of Parlor and Lodge

Miss Molly
Celebrating her 1st Birthday

Mikie loves his mohawk

 We have added several New & Exciting Services....

We now offer Pet Birthday Parties..  Cake - Plates - Treats - Party Hats - Decorations and more.. Pictures are taken and sent to your Cell Phone  - By appointment on Tuesday  -  Only 40.00 for precious memories to treasure for a life time..


We Believe Your Pets Deserve Only The Best;

After All They Are, "JUST BABIES WITH FUR" 


Our Grandson Andrew
Celebrating Baxter Taylor's birthday

Chance showing off his blue topknot

Miss Fancy

Debbie Kissamore's precious girls
Dutchess & Princess

Tyler Jay Hill

We now are offering Hair Coloring... Let us help you create that One of a Kind Furr baby:

Ears, tails, Mohawks.. your pick your color.. Many to choose from

Pet safe..  


Happy Birthday Oscar Boulware
Happy 4th Birthday

Hi.. I'm Neddie
Guess what.. My name was Nellie Mae until I went for my 2nd shot.. They told Mom I'm a boy.. LoL

My name is Chuckie

I'm Tyler Jay and this is our cat Willie
SssHHH We can't tell Willie he is a cat.. thinks he's a dog lol

Hi.. I'm Hosea
Given to us by an angel

Our Granddaughter Ally
What a cute puppy

Hi, I'm Harley Rae
Mommy says I'm precious.

Hello.. My name is Hannah

Mommy says we are.. "Just Babies with Fur"
I am Cierra Nevaeh Hill

Hi, I'm Gabriella Maria Hill
Mom says I'm the next Marilyn Monroe

Welcome.. I am Laci Rose Hill
Mom calls me "Lacipoo"

Hi. My name is Amy
Amy is now a furr angel.. We miss our sweet girl

Axl Rose Hill
Boys just gotta have fun

My name is Shaun Michael
Mom calls me her little Mikie

I'm Mikie
Look how big I am now

Look at me now.. I'm all grown up now
I'm Hosea Lopez Hill

Hi.. We are Angelina & Carolina Hill

Welcome to Sherry's Pampered Pet Parlor
  Hello.... We are just some of the most wonderful furr babies in the whole world.  We can hardly wait for you and your furry baby/babies to visit us at our parlor. Mommy loves all 11 of us so much and has plenty of love left for your furr/purr babies to". Some people ask Mommy how she can care and love so many of us.. She says, "The same as people love and care for each of their children.. Each of us have different personalities and she loves us each in our own special way for who we are".. 
 Mommy is available for all your fur babies grooming needs. Only the best of quality products are used for your babies hair & skin care needs.. There are flea & tick shampoos, nourishing conditioning shampoo and conditioners, whitening, black, bronze, and medicated shampoos to name a few.  Free nail polishing in your choice of color, cologne, bows or bandanas..  Fresh water and supervised outside potty breaks provided with every grooming visit. Free anal gland excretion .  All fur babies will be treated with the very best of care like they are our very own ... We all enjoy playing outside in our fenced in yard with the babies who visit for grooming and boarding. Being all caged up can be so frightening. We like to have company and we  have feelings  just like people do. After all we are...    "Just Babies With Fur".
** Can't make it to our shop? Call us.. Pick up and delivery available May be available..
Can get here, but have trouble walking..  Call 803-581-7195 when you get in our driveway and we will be GLAD to come to your vehicle and get your furrbaby for you. **
Grooming Hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm

For grooming we will be glad to do earlier drop offs if you need to be at work earlier than 7:30. Please call the day before so someone can open earlier for you
Boarding available for your furry baby when you need to be away.. for as long as you need.  We provide a home away from home atmosphere .. Clean , air conditioned & heated lodge, comfortable bedding, food, toys & treats provided. Outside pottytime & playtime provided all during the day. Lots of TLC.... Beds cleaned every morning and fresh bedding added.  We make your time away as less stressful as possible for your special furry family member... We love and treat them like our very own.  References available...  Open for boarding holidays & weekends with Saturday &  Sunday pick up and drop off. (We are closed for grooming on Saturdays & Sundays, however we do allow drop off and pick up of boarding babies , Saturday & Sunday between the hours of 8-9 AM and 4 - 5 PM.  We offer bathing and or grooming with each boarding.     Fire alarms have been added to the grooming and boarding building and connected to our home. Grooming and boarding buildings are right in our home back yard.
Required shots: Rabies & Kennel Cough & Flea Treatment of some kind. We recommend the once a month flea pill called Comfortis that must be purchased from your vet.
Need a special gift for that special pet loving someone who has everything? (Valentines, Birthday, Anniversary, Just Because)
Look No Further..... Gift Certificates are now available
Certificates for whatever suits your fancy.. bathing, grooming, boarding ...  Special pricing on bathing & grooming certificates for a years worth of baths (Baths include nail trimming, ear cleaning, polish, cologne, bows or bandanna) or grooming (grooming includes bath, haircut, nail trimming, ear cleaning, polish, cologne, bows or bandanna)
*************   Pets leave Paw Prints on our hearts   ************

"The love of a furbaby is......... A warm place during  the coldest times"

We provide the lowest possible grooming & boarding prices...

Dogs Boarding : 16.00 per night (2) Dogs 32.00 per night

3rd Dog add 14 per night -  4th Dog add 12.00 per night  5th Dog add 10.00 per night  add 8.00 per night for each over 5 

Cats 14.00 a night per cat  - We supply the box & litter and food

Bird Boarding and others Welcome... If you love it.. So will we 


Baths -  starting at just 16.00 (free nail polishing) nail clipping and ear cleaning included

Haircuts -  starting at just 40.00 (includes the bath and everything in bath package)

Sanitary clips with bath starting at just 25.00

CAT GROOMING on Tuesdays early am at 8 am with appointment only

Lots of FREE TLC


                  Boarding Hours......

Monday - Friday drop off & pick up hours are from 7:30 am until 5:00 pm 

Saturday -  drop off/pick up Hours: -  8:00 am - 9:00 am &  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Sunday drop off/pick up Hours:- 8:00 am - 9:00 am &

 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

HOLIDAY hours may differ We will be closed to customers Thanksgiving December 24 and 25 and January 1, however someone will be here to care for your babies as usual.


  We appreciate each and every customer and we strive to be the very best for you and your pet.


If you love us, Tell a Friend

If you ever have a problem, please let Sherry know 



All Grooming & Boarding is done with lote of love
We don't mind the wet, sloppy kisses.. We love 'em !

Baby LouLou

"I know you are in there somewhere"
Peek a boo I see you

Hi, we are Trouble, Christy & Shadow
We live right next door.. Sherry's our aunt

Barney, Ricky, Freddy, Lucy & Ethel Robertson
Sweet Barney passed away.. and will be missed by all who knew this gentle giant

Getting ready for the Myrtle Beach Pet Pagent
Sonya & Keith Roof's Little Darlin.. Lexie

Hi, My name is Buddy.. I am so precious
Becky Baker is my Mom

Ma Young and Chloe dressed alike
Chloe and her Mom

The Robertson Gang.. Ricky, Lucy, Freddy, Ethel
And Our New Brother Henry.. We still miss Barney, but we sure love Henry

Our GrandDaughter Allie with Oscar cat
Oscar & Willie our cats are our "greeters"

If you or anyone you know are moving or for any reason can't keep their housetrained pet, please call Sherry.. I have so many customers that are looking for forever furr/purr babies and would love to give them a loving home.. If you know of anyone trying to find homes for litters of puppies that are going to be small, have them call me.. I will find loving, forever homes for them..

<div style="position: relative; display: block; width: 121px; height: 70px; margin: 0 auto;"><a href="http://www.zootoo.com/profile/sherryspetparlor" title="Sherry Sherry's Pampered Pet P H."><img src="http://www.zootoo.com/media/images/user_badges/user_dog.gif" width="121" height="70" border="0" alt="Sherry Sherry's Pampered Pet P H." /></a></div>

 Recycled Pets in Rock Hill  Please click on the link below..
They are a "NO KILL" Shelter.. The people here love these pets and care for them until they can find a good forever home. There are so many homeless furr/purr babies there who need loving homes and all the wonderful people in this organization do their very best caring for these precious babies.. On this site you can see all the homeless babies who need you or someone you may know..
Please, visit our local animal shelter when looking for "just the right new furry family addition.. There are so many precious babies who need a loving family

Sherry Bivins baby boy
Fits right in my pocket

A special thank you to all our customers who had made our business a success.. We will in business for 10 years this years & we OWE it all to you.. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your life , for believing and having the confidence in us to care for and groom your special furry family members..
We never meet a stranger.. Just a new friend... 

From time to time people bring pets to us they are unable to keep for what ever reason.. We help these pets find forever loving homes

Raya Thompson
John & Tasha's little girl

                                          Dogs Live Here
If you don't want to be greeted with paws & wiggly rears, Don't come inside, because Dogs Live Here
If you don't like the feel of a cold wet nose or wet tongue, Then Don't come inside because, Dogs Love Here
If you don't want to step on and over scattered toys, Then Don't come inside, because Dogs Live Here
If you think a home should smell like perfume, Don't come inside, because Dogs Live Here
BUT, if you don't mind all this, then please do come inside.. you will be instantly loved when you do, because Dogs Live Here  arthor unknown

Barney - Furbaby of Bill & Sylvia Robertson
The gentle giant who left his big paw prints on the hearts of all who met him.. He will be missed..

We never meet a stranger.. Just new friends

Gracie & Shadow Demott
Friends are Forever

      Please, if you or someone you know is looking for a forever furrbaby/purrbaby and a best friend, please visit our local pet shelter... The perfect pet is waiting for you........ They may not come with a pedigree or a fancy name, but each is full of love and can change your life forever.....  Pets leave paw prints  on our hearts.........
      I apologize for not posting pictures of the shelter pets for a while. Things have been so busy at the shop..
  If you or someone you know have an unwanted pet, please call me Sherry 581-7195. I may know of someone looking for this particular pet.
Attention Please: I just received a call from our local shelter and they are overflowing with precious furr and purr babies.. Help! Please adopt today.. and tell everyone you know who may be looking for a forever baby.

Casper Clack - furbaby of Sherry Clack
Visit Sherry's Pet Boutique for all your pet needs

Discount Grooming... Best Price Private Boarding... right here at our home.. 24 hour supervision- BOARDING- INCLUDES: heat/air/blankets/food/treats/outside playtime(supervised)/cuddle time/Your medications given/extra care for needy/and plenty of love AT no extra charge..

Fire alarms installed in grooming and boarding buildings will go off in our home should there be a fire 
Can't get to our shop? Call us.. Pick up may be available...
Can't make it in? Call before you come.. We will come to your car/truck and get your furrbaby for you.. We have clear Wheelchair Access to our shop and boarding building
Our customers are #1 to us

Obie Oliver
America.. Home of the Brave

Please keep our troops in your thoughts and prayers.. God Bless America

Claude.. Wendy's Furr Angel
Adopted from the animal shelter and there are more waiting for you

    Our pets bring us so much joy and companionship. Show your favorite furry friend just how much you love and appreciate them with a visit to our salon.
         * Pets groomed on a regular basis are healthier & happier*
Please keep your pet groomed Summer & Winter. We have different blades for different hair lengths for Summer & Winter styles. (Pets that are allowed to grow out all Winter tend to get skin problems when not groomed on a regular basis.. During rainy, cold weather hair just appears to be dry, the layer close to the skin remains wet much longer)


Do you need a gift for a special someone? Birthday? Anniversary? Valentine? Just Because?
Look no further!!!  Come visit us for the perfect gift for the pet lover. Gift certificates available for baths, grooming including haircut, & boarding. Certificates available all year long. (Discounts on bathing & grooming certificates purchased for one year)

When God had made the earth & sky, the flowers & the trees.. He then made all the animals, the fish, birds, and bees.. And when at last He'd finished, not one was quite the same. He said I'll walk this world of mine and give each one a name. And so he traveled far & wide and everywhere he went, a little creature followed him until all it's strength was spent. When all were named upon the Earth and the Sky and Sea, the little creature said, "Dear Lord there is no name for me" Kindly the Father said to him. I've left you to the end.. I've turned my own name from back to front and called you DOG, my friend"     arthor unknown

No Appointment Necessary. Grooming.
Hours are from Monday Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 7:30am - until 5:30 pm               (Closed Saturday & Sunday

 Boarding hours are: Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm   Saturday Hours: 8-9 am &  4-5 pm   Sunday Hours: 8-9 am & 4-5 pm... If you are unable to either drop off or pick up during these hours, please drop off or pick up your pets the following day during the stated hours.
Due to the high volume of boarding during Holidays, please call for a reservation as soon as possible. 
Boarding provided 7 days a week, including holidays
Email us today..  sherryspetparlor@yahoo.com
If you love our services, please tell a friend.. if not, or you encounter a problem please tell us.. We care

Sherry's Pampered Pet Parlor 
508 Lancaster Hwy
Chester, SC  29706  

Phone: (803) 581-7195
Please feel free to email us for an appointment or to let us know what you think about our services. We are always open to new ideas. We will welcome yours.
Pets leave pawprints on our hearts
Your pet deserves the very best of care.. after all they are,
"Just Babies With Fur"
Email checked daily
If you are happy with our services, please tell a friend........ 
If Not..... Please tell us.. We are'nt perfect.. but we sure try our best.. we are always open to new ideas and value you and your furbaby as our customers.

Visit is on Face Book under Sherry Hill 

If you or someone you know has recently lost their furry baby, please visit the rainbow bridge website  www.rainbowbridge.com    Here you or the person you know can find comfort in their terrible lost and share their feelings with people who understand. So many times people who do not share the love of a furbaby don't understand and can be cruel and heartless. They don't mean to, they just don't understand which is really a sad thing for them.
"He/She is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his/her life, love, leader. He/She will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his/her heart. You owe it to him/her to be worthy of such devotion" UNKNOWN  

Please email me to offer comments and join our mailing list.

Sherry's Pampered Pet Parlor & Lodge, LLC